Update number 32

I assume that you, lovers of the God of Israel, and the people of Israel, know more or less and worry and pray about what is happening in Israel at this time. All those unrestrained attacks by the terrorist enemy in the north called Hezbollah. The same heavy bombardment of northern settlements, the destruction  of […]

UPDATE 30, 02.06.24

Bomshelter We’re happy to share some exciting updates on the amazing work being done to help those in need! The Sabra team has been hard at work in discussions with the Home Front Command regarding the establishment of a bomb shelter in the combat zone on the Lebanese border. Sabra is honored to work alongside […]

Israel’s Independence Day: A holiday of thanks for all believers worldwide

This upcoming 76th Independence Day is different from all past years. It’s been a very challenging year for the Jewish people, both in Israel and abroad. Many have said that the hostility rising from some groups against the Jewish people reminds them of the 1930s, just before Hitler rose to power. But actually, we could […]

Update 28  After Pesach

”…Surely you should break your bread for the hungry, and bring the moaning poor [to your] home; when you see a naked person, clothe him; and do not hide yourself from your kin…”    (Isaiah 58:7) Dear friends, I’m updating you about the work of Sabra just after Pesach. Close to Pesach Sabra helped needy families […]

Holocaust Memorial Day

Close to the Holocaust Memorial day 6th of May 2024 Dear friends, The 6th of May is the day we remember the Holocaust. It is the day we remind each other of what has happened, and remember all the victims. We are standing together with beloved holocaust survivors supporting and encouraging them and praying for […]

Update 25 10th April, 2024

Shalom dear friends of SABRA Here’s a summary of the recent and continuing work completed by SABRA along with all of you, our supporters, over the last few months. Help for Holocaust Survivors “Do not cast me away at the time of my old age; do not abandon me when my strength fails.” (Ps. 71:9) SABRA Fund continues […]

Update 26  14 April, 2024 Passover/Pesach

“…and you shall tell your child…” (Exodus 13 : 8 ) What is our motive to celebrate Passover each year? It must be, to tell the Passover story to future generations. We do this by sharing the ‘Seder’ with our children explaining from our knowledge as adults that we were slaves, labouring under harsh bondage […]

UPDATE 10.4.2024  ALIYAH

Shalom and blessings, Dear brothers and sisters who love the God of Israel and the people of Israel. April 18th ( the 10th of Nisan) is a minor feast day called Yom HaAliyah (Immigration Day). This day may not have great importance for all lovers of Israel. You take part in Aliyah efforts, you pray […]

Update 24

The World and the nation of Israel We believers are not surprised at what is taking place both in the land of Israel and the world.  The countries of the world are in great turmoil, wars and rumours of wars abound, natural disasters, pandemics and earthquakes. HE allows them all; to warn both the world […]

A happy Purim with Mordechai and Queen Esther – 5784

The holiday of Purim is based on the Biblical book of Esther, and the miracle that happened for the Jews who were forced into exile. Esther’s Hebrew name was Hadassah. She was an orphan adopted by her uncle, a Jew from the tribe of Benjamin who had been taken from Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar (Est. 2:6-7). […]

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