Update number 32

I assume that you, lovers of the God of Israel, and the people of Israel, know more or less and worry and pray about what is happening in Israel at this time. All those unrestrained attacks by the terrorist enemy in the north called Hezbollah. The same heavy bombardment of northern settlements, the destruction  of many homes and civilian structures. In some localities, the destruction is over 60% of the settlement, and when most of its residents are evacuated; all those  settlements are located in many different places in the country. The small number of residents who decided to stay; Their  suffering is indescribable (a large proportion of the residents are without electricity, as a result of the bombings). At the same time, the Israeli army is very limited in its defense, since almost all Western countries restrict Israel and even threaten us in all sorts of diplomatic and non-diplomatic ways from “answering” Lebanon, the sovereign state that allows a terrorist organization to operate from its territory.

The many fires in the north, in which most of the agriculture is burned and destroyed, entire cowsheds, chicken coops, fields and orchards are burned and can be said to be destroyed. And those that have not yet been destroyed have the difficulty of picking the fruit from the trees or collecting the eggs from those chicken coops that are not yet destroyed.

We, as members of Sabra, after prayers, decided to take action, and help one farm, a farming family that really needs the help of working hands. Despite the huge work we have at Sabra, we went out to help, and to lend a little hand to help pick the plums.

These days are hot  summer days. The fruit, if not picked very quickly, will be spoiling on the tree itself. The task is to pick and pack in the field  the fruit, and from there to transport to the market.

Our team was there alongside children and youth who also came to help, and  they understand the responsibility placed on their shoulders during this challenging time.

We as the Sabra team and the volunteers began picking and packing and preparing the fruit for transport.

We  saw those owners of this plantation happy for the same help with which we were able to lend a hand and help. Their reaction was moving. They blessed the God of Israel for those Israel-loving friends who came to help, and thanked for the prayers of many friends around the world, for their encouragement and support. “Blessed be you, Israel, that you have such friends who love you.”

Help for boarding schools:

On the evening of 03.0.24 we were invated to a bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah party (for eight boys and five girls)which  was arranged  to the boys and girls of the same boarding school. They had got  a helpful explanation throughout the year. The Bar Mitzvah celebration is a very important event for the child and the family itself (the event is the acceptance of responsibility to G-d for his actions), an event that every Jewish child will remember for the rest of his life. Sometimes the cost of the event is high, even for a poor family, but there are those who cannot even give the little; The child and his family are sometimes frustrated by this.

The management of the boarding school held the party in a very dignified and impressive way and all  the ceremony  was made according   to the  Jewish roots

Together with the volunteers and guests from abroad we arrived there  and we must say; we were very excited.

It was a great experience to see our fellow guests who love Israel excited about the event.

After prayers, we decided to give gifts to those children celebrating (by the way, in Hebrew, the boys and girls are called brides and grooms during the event, as a connection to G-d).

Each  child received two gifts from us: one is a good, durable suitcase;  child can travel home with his belongings in that suitcase in a dignified manner.

The second gift, on the recommendation of the teachers and the principal of the boarding school, will help a child  with his studies, so that he will be like the other children in his class.  We had attached greetings with the gifts  on behalf of all friends around the world.

The director of the boarding school, the heads of an organization that manages all boarding schools in Israel, and others congratulated and thanked Sabra and her friends around the world for their help and support.

At the end of that event, the children’s reactions were indeed very touching. For example, the two children stood with their luggage next to us while we waited by the elevator at the exit from the hall, telling us some jokingly and some as a dream: “We are in a hurry for the flight, we don’t want to be late for check-in”.

Some of the Bar Mitzvah revelers when they opened the “small” surprise and discovered what was in it, a tablet, were so happy, and thanked us very much. And the truth is that we and the guests were even more excited.

On the way back to Sabra  our  hearts were full of experiences from the event, and the mind was full of thoughts about what is happening today in Israel and around the world, when so many are against the Jewish people and against the people of Israel, the God of Israel, our Father in heaven; we are happy to  have those righteous people, who love the God of Israel, and the people of Israel. We will continue to pray for more brothers and sisters to be added.

May the blessings of the Most High be upon you, your family and your congregation.

From the House of Good Deeds, the House of Sabra, and the Land of Zion and the City of Jerusalem

Your brother in faith


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