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Afula-Israel, 30-03-2022

Proverbs 22:9

He who has a generous eye will be blessed,

For he gives of his bread to the poor.

Sabra news and prayer letter

Shalom dear friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers and generous support. These make it possible for Sabra to help, to lend a hand, and to rejoice with hearts in need of heavenly grace.

We recently finished celebrating Purim, the Holiday from the Book of Esther, and helped Holocaust survivors, children, schools, and boarding schools.

In the Book of Esther we can learn to give gifts to one another and to the needy. This is what the LORD of all the earth has given us to do: the commandments to help, to pray, and to walk in the ways of the LORD.



The first preparation for Purim was, to help the schools celebrate this holiday and thereby give in depth teaching about the Words of the Creator of the world. We also helped the families of the children who are in great need, with vouchers.

The boarding school in Afula

As we were able to help for over the last ten years, also this year we organized the celebration of the Holiday of Purim in the boarding school, with sweets, cakes, and gifts. Those children at their age would also receive gifts, like other children growing up in normal families.   

For me personally and also the team with me, it was so touching to see those happy faces. We said to one another, “What a privilege that our great God gave us the opportunity to help this boarding school.” It was a real joy to be there and despite what those special children experienced in their lives, we felt such a unity and happiness in this moment of celebrating Purim together.

Holocaust survivors

Over the years we wrote to you about the Holocaust survivors that are living among us. Most of them were children during the Holocaust, which not only ruined their childhood, but also caused them to carry the signs of suffering with them every day. It may seem like a distant story to us, but as time goes on, those events keep returning to them.

How happy I am, that Sabra can help them and bring a smile to their faces. Their health is declining, and we cannot prevent losing them, but we can help them where we can and like it is written in the Book of Isaiah 40:1 “Comfort, comfort my people. ..” We are aware that without your prayers, your support and your encouragement, we cannot do this important work among the needy in Israel.


At Sabra House we celebrated Purim with Holocaust survivors, families of new immigrants (new olim), believing guests from Finland, and Germany; the excitement was great.

Sabra constantly helps Holocaust survivors with medicine, food, clothing, and warm “handmade” socks, knitted by precious ladies from Finland.

With much happiness we celebrated Purim with them and managed to bring a little smile and joy in their hearts.


This year for the first time we were able to celebrate Purim with Holocaust survivors in Holon. We helped them with food, medicine, and vouchers.

“It is not always easy and sometimes it is really difficult to help the poor with what they need. Till now God blesses us with wonderful believers who love Israel, the God of Israel, and the people of Israel. Through their love, support, and prayers it is possible to continue the work. I am always so thankful for the Sabra team, who works so hard with joy to do the work that has to be done. Not only in Israel, but also outside Israel.”


Another celebration we held was in the city center of Jerusalem. This celebration we did also for the first time. It was a great success, we could see their excitement. The mayor’s advisor for Holocaust survivors and new immigrants in the city of Jerusalem also participated in this celebration.

We didn’t know what to expect and how many would really come after our invitation to celebrate Purim with us. We almost had not enough places for them to sit and we were afraid to not have enough food and drinks, but we managed, and these precious Holocaust survivors where so happy and really enjoyed themselves.

This party followed after we began helping them with medicine, clothing and even woolen socks, that warmed their hearts because believing women knitted these for them in prayers and love.

We make home visits and help also the Holocaust survivors who are not able to celebrate the Feasts with us in Sabra-Afula and in Jerusalem.


I like to share with you a very touching story: recently I came back in contact through a friend, with our very first “olah chadasha” (new immigrant) “Chavah”. Sabra helped her to immigrate to Israel more than 20 years ago, from Russia. She is also a Holocaust survivor, and her story is horrific. You cannot believe what she went through already from when she was a very little child, but it is unbelievable how she kept her faith.

She is still a warm person and received me with tears. Even though she is already more than 90 years old, she recognized me immediately. She asked me to pray for her. We talked a long time and now our team is visiting her every week and I also regularly visit her. She is very poor and needs our help, prayers, and comfort.

Refugees of the Russian-Ukrainian War

The Municipality asked us to accept refugees from the Ukraine at Sabra House and to help with other means in various places such as Jerusalem, until a permanent solution is found. Sabra’s dedicated staff began to receive them with love and warmth until they are allowed to permanently stay in Israel and move to their own apartment. Today in Sabra House we have an elderly man who escaped the inferno of the war, and two days ago we received two more women who also went through a nightmare.

We help survivors in the Jerusalem area with towels, utensils and toiletries because they had to leave everything behind.

Jewish Roots

Passover and additional help

Passover is approaching and we want to help the needy, as we do all year round, celebrate this special Holiday. This is truly the Holiday that has shaped the way of believing in our world. Transforming the tribes of Israel into the people of Israel. A people that is under the Covenant and wings of the LORD of all the earth. These are not just words, notice how God’s words focus on this miraculous event that changed the face of the world and especially faith in the world.

As the help for the Holocaust survivors is spreading from Afula to Jerusalem and Holon, we must lend a helping hand to everyone.

Prayer Request

Those who need help, and everyone in Sabra who does this sacred work in your name, and of course the projects which we continue to do, desperately need your prayers, help, and financial support.

We are blessed from above,

Mordechai ben Yakov

and the entire Sabra team worldwide


The gifts of our friends make the work of the Sabra Fund possible.

No amount is too small – they all add up!

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