Update 4A. 22.10.2023 17:00

The situation in the field:

Judea and Samaria are highly tense. There are many attempts by terrorists and Palestinian civilians to perpetrate sabotage, murder and injury against settlements and civilians.

Terrorists are preparing in mosques as a launching pad to harm civilians and soldiers in Judea and Samaria.

Just last night, in the city of Jenin, they were preparing to carry out a terrorist attack in a mosque. Just before they left the mosque, an Israeli fighter jet struck the squad and hit them.

In the area of the settlements bordering the Gaza Strip, terrorists are still being searched for, and in fact today a terrorist was captured who infiltrated on the first Shabbat, and among the terrorists who were captured alive, we found in their hands maps to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the surrounding settlements, including military bases, for occupation and fighting and murder. And another news was released this morning: A 4-year-old girl was taken captive to Gaza after her parents were murdered.

In the cities of Israel, there has been the organization of citizen forces to protect the cities themselves from some of the local Israeli Arabs under the influence of Hamas, Hezbollah and the local Arab leadership.

Local shooting and fighting is increasing in the north along the Lebanese border. More and more citizens are being moved out of the border areas and into more distant areas. It can be noticed that some of the products are missing from the shops and some of the shops are closed.

More and more we hear about the stories of the heroic acts of citizens and soldiers who are the ones who prevented with their bodies and blood, a much bigger disaster, on that Sabbath (07.10.23.).

There are more and more manifestations of anti-Semitism and acts of murder in Europe, the USA and other places. The army is currently ready to enter Gaza

  ” Hear my cry. For I am afflicted; deliver me from my persecutors, for they are too strong for me”   (Psalm 142:6).

Pray for Israel, pray for Sabra Mordechai Ben Yakov


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