Update 15 Sabra activities in the war

10-11-2023 Afula- Israel

To my brothers and sisters in the faith, who are partners in the holy work in these difficult times.

Your prayers, to God, through the prayer that you say to the Creator of the world; we, who believe in You, with full agreement in all of Your promises, in all of Your decisions and in all of Your actions. You who promised the people of eternity – the people of Israel – that the Promised Land would belong to Israel forever. And just as You promised that whoever blesses Your people will be blessed. You have opened our eyes to see the truth and to believe in that truth. You have made us part of the promise, the plan, the inheritance, and you have bound us together as brothers (Ephesians 2:12- 13; 3:6).

Together we help the children who have been displaced from the settlements that suffer from the bombardments and who, as a result, have to leave their homes and move to other areas.

The evacuated children, who left their places with almost nothing, together we helped with clothing, (shoes, clothes, toiletries, games, reading books, sweets and more).

Helping the girls from the boarding school located at the Gaza border who were transferred as a group (43 girls) to the remote areas.

The girls need clothes, toiletries, study materials and distance learning equipment (laptops, etc.), and one urgent and very important need – they need emotional and spiritual support. (We’ve already updated and asked for them separately).

To stand firmly with the soldiers who are giving their lives for the people of Israel, for the fulfillment and preservation of God’s promise to our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. (We must not see this war as a war between two nations, but as God’s war against the children of Satan).

The same soldier in the draft and a soldier in the reserve who left his home, his little children and his wife, some of whom were pregnant and some of whom even gave birth while the husband is fighting and cannot be at his wife’s side during such an emotional time.

together we are praying for them, we are encouraging them, we are strengthening them.

 We are also supporting and helping them as much as we can to meet some of their needs such as: providing socks, bricks and other details that they cannot

Wash during battle, but only change. And if it’s a cold night, we’ll provide the Neck gaiter, gloves, warm hat. The good tents we provide to the soldiers, so that during the rest between battles they could be protected from sun, dust, cold and rain.

The warm and delicious food that we travel to different places and collect from the houses, that many women prepare with a lot of love (sometimes our team prepares it).

 Regarding this food (in which you are also involved in the fuel for the cars and other kind of food that we buy from your donation), this food, these delicious meals, makes the soldiers happy. it is just as we bring a sacrifice to the Lord, incense to God, our God… a smell of fragrance:

“…that they may offer acceptable sacrifices to the God of heaven and pray for the life of the King and His sons (Ezra 6:10).

It’s not just about the food. Imagine the feeling of the soldier in the field, far from his family, not in a hotel or in minimal comfort, bringing something from home the heart with a lot of prayers, the smells and tastes. The clothes, the tent in which he is protected from the wind, the sun and the rain.

The tactical headlamp, the other little things that are going to help in everyday life.

You are partnering in all this!

Your donations helps and make true the saying of all those who love G-d and the people of Israel:

“…Israel we are with you, you are not alone; AM ISRAEL CHAI… (the nation of Israel lives)”.

These are beautiful sentences and words to say, and it is also very important to pray. But besides all this, you also do things. You contribute and sometimes more than you can, as it is written (2 Corinthians 8:3-5). That’s exactly what the team and I feel.

In previous updates I have mentioned the importance of expanding the circle of friends who are praying and supporting the people of Israel with us. Talk to your families, churches, home groups, in the shop or at the barbershop.

Every prayer, every contribution is the key and so important at this time. It is the same as a sacrifice and a fragrance to the Lord of the whole earth. We allow you to give our address and email: [email protected]

He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might He increase strength…”                                             Isaiah 40:29

May the blessings of the Most High be upon you, your family and your community.

From the house of good deeds, the house of Sabra.

From the land of Zion and the city of Jerusalem. Your brother in faith

Mordechai ben Yaakov


The gifts of our friends make the work of the Sabra Fund possible.

No amount is too small – they all add up!

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