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The people of Israel have been fighting for over a month. In Israel, we receive many questions about why the war continues so long, especially since the army tells us it will continue for many months.

Every morning we wake up to listen the news of the events that took place during the night in the border areas (the north, Lebanon and Syria, Gaza and Judea and Samaria). The news is vague and not very detailed, because we don’t want to give information to the enemy, and that’s a good thing. Every morning we hear of more soldiers wounded and killed.

The war continues because the IDF is careful not to harm the civilians in Gaza. The war is very complex because Satan’s soldiers use civilians as human shields, they don’t protect their own citizens’ lives and even shoot them when they try to leave the battle zones. The IDF soldiers protect them from Hamas-ISIS.

We have to keep in mind that the battle is not just a battle! Fighting for Israel’s survival! Just like the fighting in the year 1948.

Let us mention the goals of the war:

1. To return the kidnapped (they are not legally captured).

2. To crush Hamas – ISIS, both militarily and governmentally.

The IDF concentration is in the northern area of the Gaza Strip, which is Gaza City itself. I suppose that you know very well that the Gaza Strip is built from the city above and below the surface of the earth, and that it is networked with tunnels and is full of traps.

What is being revealed these days to the brave Israeli soldiers who are giving their lives so that ISRAELI children in the Lebanon-Gaza border area will no longer have to run day and night to security rooms and can sleep safely in their beds.

Every day there are soldiers who are being killed, but at the same time they are not afraid because the God of Israel is strengthening their spirit, and we will pray for them, we will support them and we will help them.

The military forces are encircling the Gaza Strip and leaving exit openings for the citizens of the Gaza Strip to go south, where they are entering with humanitarian aid: food, water, medical equipment, and on the Egyptian side there are even field hospitals to receive the wounded.

Asking about the hospitals in Gaza; the hospitals above ground and underground are held by the Hamas-ISIS forces, which are located there and even in the various departments there are war rooms, and from there their commanders direct the fighting.

According to international law, if a hospital or civilian facility like schools, kindergartens, children’s departments, etc. is used by the military, it becomes a military facility and can be destroyed.

After a month since that terrible day of Oct 7, terrible atrocities are still being uncovered, the same war crimes committed by the soldiers of the devil and many of the citizens of Gaza, including teenagers and women who worked in these settlements and knew the places well to the point of knowing the rooms and the locals.

The evidence of the rape and murder of the victims in front of their children, the murder of babies. There still are being searched for missing body parts and corpses.

It turns out that journalists from the foreign press have also been complicit in the actions of Hamas – ISIS. Proof from photos and testimonies that they knew in advance what they were going to read and were prepared with these Hamas – ISIS soldiers.

The truth is: CNN fired this journalist because there would be no charges.

Today we are hearing more and more from a lot of countries around the world that are putting pressure on Israel to have a humanitarian cease-fire. These countries have no mention whatsoever of the Israeli abductees, who are babies, children, young women and old women. These countries are only talking about the civilian population in the Gaza Strip. They are trying to lure Israel into releasing some of its citizens (about fifteen of them) who have another nationality in addition to the Israeli one. It is clear to everyone that this cease-fire is for the reorganization of Hamas-ISIS, for the continuation of the fighting. The Israeli government has decided for the time being that a temporary ceasefire will be granted only after the release of all the hostages.

The problem of the fuel:

It is true that Israel is refusing to allow the entry of fuel into the Gaza Strip, especially for the tunnels. The tunnels, which are used only by the soldiers of Satan, have to be ventilated; it is not possible to stay in the tunnels without ventilation, and the ventilation is activated by large engines that consume fuel. Without fuel, these Satanic soldiers must spend days and nights on the ground, meeting IDF soldiers.

North, the Lebanese and Syrian borders:

Hezbollah agreed and promised Hamas to participate in fighting to conquer the Land of Israel. Today, in the north, the firing of rockets and missiles, including the firing of anti-tank missiles, is very disturbing and is causing the deaths of civilians and soldiers there as well. It is true that most of those who live there have been evacuated, but there are still those who have stayed put. It’s an unbearable situation. But the Hezbollah has not yet entered into the height of the fighting, the reason for this is not yet clear. Maybe it is because they see what is happening in Gaza, maybe it is what will happen in Lebanon, or maybe they are afraid that the United States will attack them.

Southern Yemen: There is a disturbing firing out of Yemen of long-range missiles produced by Iran.

Worldwide: Waves of anti-Semitism are increasing in almost all countries, openly in mass demonstrations in the centers of large cities. Not only demonstrations and shouting, but also murders; in the USA, two murders of Jews. In Brazil, Hezbollah attempts to make attacks against Jews. Jews are warned to remove all Jewish clothing (kippah, tzitzit, etc.).

We want to thank all of you around the world for praying for us. We still need you to continue to pray and encourage us!

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God: I will strengthen thee; Yes, I will help thee; Yes, I will uphold thee with the right hand of My righteousness.                                                                                                                               Isaiah 41:10.

May the blessings of the Most High be upon you, your family and your community.

From the land of Zion and the city of Jerusalem

Your brother in faith


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