The authorities recognised the good deeds of Sabra

When we follow the Word and the Voice of God, we believe it is from Him and we continue to strongly follow the Vision we received. Even though sometimes we are in a storm and find big stones on the road, we continue to go on with faith. Eventually we will see the light and blessings on our deeds and continue to follow the Vision, He gave us.

Sabra is more than 20 years active. It started in Siberia (Russia) where I received the Vision in 5 parts. After some years (2003) we established Sabra in The Land of Israel in the Galilee. It was not an easy journey, with a lot of disturbance and rejection and Sabra stood by itself alone. Even though friends could not stay in the faith of the Vision, Sabra continued with a few friends who kept the faith in the Vision God gave to me. Friends who believe in the God of Israel, who love the people of Israel and the Land of Israel, they continued to support and prayed for open doors to do the Will of God and continued to do the will of God.

We believe that every single drop, joined by another drop, eventually will become a sea. Every single drop of acting and doing, joins with another drop of acting and doing, will become a sea of good deeds and covers the whole dry earth.

The reason that I am writing this is because of the results!

The last Independence Day May 5 – 2022, Sabra and me as the founder and chairman received the “Honour of Worthy Citizens of Afula Award”, given by the mayor of Afula in a big ceremony in the city palace. On the moment I received it, I felt that I am not alone: each of you are partners of Sabra by praying, supporting and encouraging. All of us together were there and received this price of recognition.

At that moment I thought: “Each of you is a key to open the door to the hearts of other people to join the Vision of Sabra, by prayers to receive new friends from all over the world. Through your faith, support, prayers and encouragement we broke that wall of resistance.”

We need your prayers to move higher and to help more needy people and be able to do more work. We started to be active in Jerusalem, Holon and we believe, more friends will join us and bring another friend to Sabra. Today we need it more than ever!

We thank God for His faithfulness for what He did for us until now and continue to help us to go on.


The gifts of our friends make the work of the Sabra Fund possible.

No amount is too small – they all add up!

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