Status Update 2

It’s time to reach out, it’s time for encouragement and support!

This is the time to take hold of the verse (Isaiah 41:6), “…let every man help his neighbor, and let his brother speak up…”.

I assume that most of the people who love the God of Israel and His Word and commandments, also love the believers in Israel and care for them and what is happening to them now.

Those who see and shed tears after seeing the atrocities committed by those vile people, (those fanatics who hate the Jews – the children of the God of Israel. Exodus 4:22). We pray are being moved to prayers of support for us living in the midst of this Horror.

These evil-hearted people, whose cruelty knows no bounds, are capable of grabbing a pregnant woman, cutting open her belly, taking the child out and dragging her away, the child dragged along with its mother by the umbilical cord. Stripping women naked, raping them, and then murdering them. Burning Jews alive, including children and infants.

Most of you must have seen this, because these vile murderers took pictures of themselves in the act, out of sheer joy, supposedly as an act of heroism.

I do not want to update you with the same stories, but I want to remind you who these scoundrels are and who their ancestors are.

Even before the founding of the state, about a hundred years ago, their ancestors were involved in the murders and abuses of the time.

I will mention only a few of several events: August 1929, a pogrom against the Jews living in Hebron. Those Jews did not harm or hinder the rioters. Yet they murdered 67 Jews, including terrible maltreatment. Also in Hebron there was another pogrom during the time of the Sultan in 1517.

In the same year, 1929, there were also pogroms against Jews living in Haifa, Jaffa, Jerusalem and other areas in Israel.

During the British Mandate, Jews were also attacked in the Galilee, Tel Hai, and Metula. During the War of Independence, there were very difficult events in Gush Etzion, Old Jerusalem and Beit Arava (the Dead Sea coast).

After the establishment of the state in the 1950s, the rioters who infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip stopped buses, raped and murdered all the bus passengers.

They entered the settlements and abused the peaceful residents just as they do today, except that today they behave more cruelly than their ancestors.

The years pass and we reach the 21st century, and with the passing of years the hope was their view would change, perhaps the “modern”, age had changed their cruel hearts. But not so, the other way around, today they are worse, even proudly documenting and exploiting their heinous acts.

Israel has pulled out since they handed over Gaza, and they are the ones who now control their lives, in Gaza there is not a single Israeli, nor a single soldier. Every now and then there is a round of fighting and every time many countries try to mediate and tell us that we have to help them with money and  allow entry of Gazans into Israel to work.

Instead of developing Gaza, they use the money given them to develop weapons and ammunition and other destructive tools. The workers, we allow to enter Israel, many have become spies against us.

Today we, the Jewish people sitting in Zion, are bleeding with sorrow, we are bleeding for the soldiers who were captured alive and beheaded. For the children and women who were slaughtered. For the Holocaust survivors who went through hell in that dark period of the past. Today the suffering they went through as children has come to them again, and they are being made to Suffer in their old age.

Even as I write, there are still terrorists, hiding during the day and coming out at night to kill and maim, disguised as IDF soldiers.

They infiltrate by drone, by land and by sea.

There is one more thing I want to inform you about.

There are those among the  believers around the world who stand against the people of Israel and claim that the God of Israel is still punishing the people of Israel for their sins. As for this guilt being a sin in itself. Let’s note the verse: “…and God will hear your disputes and remember His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…” (Exodus 2:24).

My dear beloved, the Creator of the world is looking into each of us and how right now the Gentiles will treat His people. It is not explicitly stated that He will judge them, but let us not forget the people of Israel before the Lord of the whole earth (Zechariah 2:8).

We, Sabra, have begun intensive preparations to receive families from the war zones in the north.

And we have already begun to help the soldiers with various things, from clothing to food.

Personally, on normal days, I don’t ask for donations, I ask for prayers. I believe that the Creator of the world is the one who speaks to His believers in this matter.

At the same time, I am being asked by many believers who want to help their fellow Jews who are fighting and the citizens who are under brutal attack, how we can help

We will update you again soon.


May the blessings of the Most High be upon you, your family and your community.

From the land of Zion and the city of Jerusalem

Your brother in faith Mordechai ben Yaakov


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