Serving Together

Helping the needy is Torah righteousness in action. The Sabra Fund is involved in community service and support on many levels:

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Humanitarian aid

Clothes, food and medicines are regularly distributed to Israelis in various towns who are lacking these basic necessities. We also distribute emergency financial aid, for urgent surgeries, funerals, and other unforeseen expenses.

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Home-cooked meals

The poor are treated to special communal Shabbat dinners and holiday feasts, served with smiles and received with gratitude.

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Homebound help

Sabra volunteers drive disabled or seriously ill people to their appointments with doctors, hospitals, and testing clinics; run shopping errands for them; help them with cleaning and cooking in their homes; and provide cheerful companionship.

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Phone contact

The “Sabra helpline” takes calls from bedridden or elderly people living alone, answering each one with encouragement, moral support, and a friendly ear to relieve the feelings of loneliness.

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Support of Holocaust survivors

Every week, the Sabra Fund hosts a meeting in Sabra House for Holocaust survivors – an opportunity to celebrate their birthdays, remember their families, share their pain, and preserve their memories.

You can be a partner with us in this holy and rewarding work 

“One who gives to the poor will never lack anything.”

(Proverbs 28:27)


The gifts of our friends make the work of the Sabra Fund possible.

No amount is too small – they all add up!

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